Running Mentor Testimonials

Building Healthier communities

"Running Girls 505 is a constant reminder to me of the importance of teaching our youth how to be healthy. I like working with this program because it doesn't solely focus on physical activity, although that is important; the girls (and soon, the boys) learn about self-esteem, eating well, teen dating, and other important topics. They also keep writing journals, which I find to be very important for young kids today! I enjoy racing with the girls and seeing the joy on their faces when they get medals for placing in their age groups! This is the type of program that helps build and maintains healthy communities!

-- Myrriah Gómez

Become A Mentor                                                

Few bonds in life are more influential than those between a young person and an adult.

As you begin your journey toward becoming a mentor, you will need to thoroughly understand the role of mentoring. Look at a role you are already familiar with. Most of us have had a supervisor, a boss or coach who has made a positive difference in our lives. Those people wore many hats. They acted as, delegators, role models, cheerleaders, policy enforcers, advocates, and friends. As a mentor you will wear these same hats.

Mentors understand the need to assume a number of different roles during the course of a mentoring relationship, but successful mentors also share the same basic qualities:

  • A sincere desire to be involved with a young person.
  • Respect for young people.
  • Active listener.
  • Empathy.
  • See solutions and opportunities.
  • Be flexible and open.

As you and your mentee begin your relationship; exploring values, interests and goals, you will find yourself making a difference and having a positive effect on their life. What you may also be surprised to see is that you will be learning more about yourself, too. Mentoring doesn't just affect the young person. Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many mentors say that the rewards they gain are as substantial as those for their mentees. Being a mentor enables them to:

  • Have fun.
  • Achieve personal growth, learn more about themselves.
  • Improve their self-esteem and feel they are making a difference.
  • Gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity.
  • Feel more productive and have a better attitude at work.
  • Enhance their relationships with their own children.

Good mentors are willing to take time to get to know their mentees, to learn new things that are important to the young person, and even to be changed by their relationship. Accept the challenges and rewards of mentoring a young person and experience the benefits that will last each of you a lifetime.

Be a guest speaker

Enjoy participating in up to 5 fun runs through the year

Meet new people

*You don't have to consider yourself a 'runner' to participate. Like the kids, we hope for our participating adults to get their own increase in physical activity as well!

August through May

One time per week for 2 hours

Sharing insights, talking through concerns/challenges

Strategizing positive actions

Running, walking, other activities

"As a competitive marathoner, I often think too much about workouts and racing, and not enough about community. Mentoring with Running 505 has changed my view on what it means to be an athlete. Being able to sow seed into the everyday lives of middle schoolers has reminded me that, while my pastime can be done alone, greater things can be accomplished when we bring others along for the ride. Something as simple as a plastic golden medal given to a kid after his first 5K can be the spark to make him realize he can achieve anything. Running 505 is not so much about building athletes, as encouraging healthy lifestyles, through and through. I believe that mentorship, even a few hours per week, has a profound influence on the trajectories of these students’ lives. I wait expectantly for the day when they show me how to better our world."

--Justin Wiens

Mentor with Running 505