We have been trying to make sense of the recent events surrounding COVID19.

The weeks leading up to sheltering in place, we were meeting after school, running our neighborhoods, and getting ready to participate in the RunFit event: Miles for Minds.

Like everyone else in our 505 community, especially those connected to schools, our end of season was abrupt. Taken away were our March, April and May events. Taken away were the connections we made with our kids, and families. Taken away was our end of season celebration. 

In a program, that focuses on holistic wellness, our hearts go out to our Running 505 friends. We encourage you to keep moving, get fresh air, and be happy and healthy with those closest to you. Remember to practice precautionary measures. 

Let's do our best, so that we see each other in September for our 2020-2021 season. Please reach out for any concerns or questions you may have, where we can support you during these times.